@Dan Kelly: Let’s not get carried away. Mr. Bishop …

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@Dan Kelly: Let’s not get carried away. Mr. Bishop is not Jesus. He is just a student who, like others, has been on a thorn on the institution’s side. I applaud his efforts but rather than being crucified, he is becoming a celebrity.

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La Sierra University Hires Another Darwinist
I haven’t taken a side on this debate. As an alumni of LSU I do care about who they hire and what they teach. I am concerned that this professor has not gotten fair treatment. How long has he been there? Have the students complained about him? Does his contract not stipulate that it is an SDA school and he must accept both the teachings and lifestyle of the church while he us there? How about a waiting period to see how his teaching pans out? Shouldn’t the tuition paying students have a final say? Also, if he is an atheist, isn’t this a great opportunity for the university community to embrace him and evangelize him in order to win his soul for the kingdom of heaven? I don’t think that censoring others like Professor Kent, whose opinion may differ from yours, shows a great deal of confidence in your own position.

La Sierra University Hires Another Darwinist
@Sean Pitman: So you have spent the last few years following LSU’s every move and writing about it and since they don’t meet your expectations your solution is to shut it down? I can sarcastically say that you must really love Adventism because you are willing to betray it at its core.

My Goal for La Sierra University
To doubt is Divine. Happy Sabbath everyone and may the Lord give you a spirit of tolerance and love for those who think differently. If the belief in God’s redemptive Creation saved us, we’d all be in heaven. But since Christ’s grace has covered us, I need not worry about explaining the trees and rocks that are thousands of years old which I saw @ Zion National Park today. I’m for Creation all the way in the most SDA way possible but it would be stupid to say that we or the church or even LSU have all the answers or explanations. Think about it, God wants you to doubt so that your faith may be strengthened. That’s where understanding evolution comes in handy.