Thank you, Louie, for your brave stand against tyranny at …

Comment on The Full History of La Sierra University vs. Louie Bishop by Richard Myers.

Thank you, Louie, for your brave stand against tyranny at such a great expense. It is shameful that this has been allowed to continue for so long. The issue extends well beyond the president of La Sierra. As you stated, the board of trustees and the faculty of the school are also responsible for the sad state of affairs at La Sierra University. What happened to you is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

David has stated the problem very pointedly, “La Sierra has had three zealous Darwinist presidents in succession.” This cannot be laid at the feet of Wisbey. The president of La Sierra sits at the pleasure of the board of trustees. They are accountable for all that has transpired at the school since its inception. The board selected these presidents and has allowed the teaching of evolution to continue and has allowed Wisbey to retain his position despite what they have known to be happening at the school.

Louie has provided very complete records that indicate the board of trustees has been informed of the malfeasance on the part of the school in depriving a student of his rights. The letter from Louie’s attorney is dated November 12, 2010.

How can the board of trustees stand by and watch a faithful teacher be fired and a courageous student undergo such blatant unChristian persecution, and expose the school and the church to litigation?

Just three days ago we sent out our April newsletter in which we pointed out the seriousness of the failure of the leadership of La Sierra University. The situation that David has pointed out, the board having appointed three successive Darwinist presidents, reveals that the Pacific Union Conference is not capable of providing the leadership necessary to insure our young people receive a Seventh-day Adventist Christian education. We pray that no more more students or teachers are injured, and that the world will not continue to witness what is called a Seventh-day Adventist university teaching evolution. Great reproach has been brought upon the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Bible, and our God.

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The Full History of La Sierra University vs. Louie Bishop
There will be overwhelming agreement from church members around the world with what is being said in this discussion. There will be a few who have had influence that will object. But what has happened at La Sierra is now in the open. In the light of day, Seventh-day Adventists will not tolerate it. Yes, some conference leaders have, but they now are seen to have been very wrong to ignore the abominations that have taken place.

I have attempted to keep the discussion of the problems at La Sierra out of public view because it brings reproach upon God and His church. But, that is in the past. The national news media has been following some of what is going on in our church. We must now show the world that what they have seen at La Sierra does not represent God’s church nor the Bible.

This is where we can be so thankful that the world church has taken a stand in direct opposition to what La Sierra is teaching that is contrary to Scripture. That Louie has presented the evidence of the continuing malfeasance at La Sierra and the refusal of the board of trustees to remove Wisbey and others, gives us good reason to now stand up and be counted in public. Too much has happened to just accept an “I am sorry”. No, there must be significant change made on the board and in the school.

As Nic said, we must exercise loving kindness, judgment, and righteousness if we are to be true to Jesus and an encouragement to those in our church.

The Full History of La Sierra University vs. Louie Bishop
Pastor Wilson is not directly responsible for what happens at La Sierra, the Pacific Union Conference is. We do not have a hierarchy as some think. We have a world church that is bound together by the constitutions and bylaws of the various churches and conferences. Pastor Wilson does not have authority to fire Wisbey. But, he has influence. While La Sierra University is a most serious problem, it is as I stated in my last message, only a symptom of a much greater problem. Pastor Wilson understands this and is praying for guidance from God as to what steps to take. He is not a king, but a godly leader. He is working with the leadership of the world church to quell a rebellion. There is no easy answer.

What we do as church members is vital to correcting the problems in the church. Revival and reformation begins with us, not with Pastor Wilson. He has made the call for revival and reformation and put Jesus in the center of all of his messages. For this we are very thankful. It is an answer to the prayers of millions of faithful Seventh-day Adventists around the world.

Louie Bishop has done his part. He has been faithful to follow Scripture in his dealings with La Sierra University. His refusal to follow through with court proceedings is illustrative of that faith.

Let us do the same. The leadership of the Pacific Union Conference is dependent upon the leadership of the conferences within that union. The local conference officers are elected by us who live in the Pacific Union and send our church delegates to the conference constituency meetings. We are responsible for the conference leadership.The problem cannot be solved by Pastor Wilson, it falls to the church member to send consecrated delegates to their constituency meetings to elect consecrated conference officers. When this is done, we shall see revival and reformation at the union level and therefore in our schools, hospitals, and all church institutions that are dependent upon church leadership.

Let us pray and work toward that end. God is with us. It is His church.

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La Sierra University Hires Another Darwinist
@David Read:

There is a great divide between the NAD and the World Church. La Sierra is just the tip of a very large problem. It does reveal the extent of the problem, though. That one of our schools would teach against creation is rather amazing. That the board of trustees would countenance this is amazing. They will have no “witch hunt”.

From my studies, it appears that the school has been able to add board members that are not faithful Seventh-day Adventists. They are in a position from what I have seen to take control of the board and that means modify the by-laws in any manner they wish, contrary to church doctrine.

The separation of schools of higher education from their churches is nothing new. This separation has not been rightly understood. It has been expressed that the problem begins with the schools, but this is not true. La Sierra did not originate the problem. It began in the church. The church owned the school, the land, and appointed the board of trustees. It was by not being faithful to the Bible and our counsel that the church allowed the school to end up where it is today. The church drew up the by-laws that the school operates under. By not keeping the leadership of the school at a high level of piety, we end up with rebellion at the school.

But, again, it is only a small problem when compared to other greater difficulties in the church. We can be encouraged and hopeful because there is a call for revival and reformation. Lisa Hardy and Pastor Wilson are busy administrating a world church that is actively growing around the world. If America, Europe, and Australia are too advanced for God, then let us seek those who are wanting truth and lead them into God’s church. The message will do its appointed work. God has His 7,000 who will not come down off the wall. Praise God!