@Prof. Kent, You have bidden adieu at least a dozen …

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@Prof. Kent, You have bidden adieu at least a dozen times on this website, and you still keep reappearing. Is this time “for good?” Or just until the summer term is over?

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Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit

Roger Seheult: @Ervin Taylor: I literally have not logged on to this website in years. It looks like the same arguments are going back and forth which means that if you haven’t been able to solve them by now, you aren’t going to convence each other of your points. What is really amazing to me and anyone intersted in the topic, however, is the tone of the comments, which usually reveal the maturity of the writer especially if they include absolutes

Roger, Your comments are very true. Look at the title of this article, and then look at the vast majority of the posts–they have no direct connection to the topic!

Why does Shane allow Sean, Kent, Ron, Taylor etc. to drone on and on about something that is not related to the topic of this article? They should take their personal opinions and personally email each other, and not bore the rest of us to death.

How about this, Shane?

Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit

Bob Helm:
@Eddie: Eddie, I would like to see more research on Protoavis.I remember when its discovery was first announced in the early 1990s, it created a sensation, but then it was seemingly forgotten in the rush to prove that birds evolved from dinosaurs.I was trying to google recent information on Protoavis, but everything I found that was significant dated to the early 90s.If you have anything more recent on this fossil, I’d love to read it.

Bob, One of the things that has always concerned me is that, according to what I’ve read, birds and reptiles have completely different forms of respiratory systems (flow-through vs. bellows) How is this explained by evolutionists?

Does anyone know?

Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
Is La Sierra going to counter this obviously “false” representation of historical science by starting an “Evolution Museum?”

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Thanks Sean for telling us the “rest of the story!” Very interesting!

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What exactly does “more inclusive” mean? The Northern California Conference uses this term in their literature, without explaining what it really means.

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@David Read, Can ET or Advindicate get an interview with somebody who actually knows, first hand, what went on with this AAA accreditation? What “deals” were made and by whom, why, and with what “strings” attached?

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@Sean Pitman, I agree with the lack of transparency at LLU and virtually anywhere in our SDA system. The hiding behind closed doors is rampant, not only at LLU, but on the Conference level, Union, and even the GC. Try to ask anybody a really specific question. All you get is either nothing or another set of vague responses. Try it some time, and you will see what I mean.

LSU Removes Dr. Lee Grismer as Chairman of the Biology Department
Any insiders know WHY this happened? Was it part of a “deal” with AAA for accreditation?