Science, if it is accurate, will confirm the truth of …

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Science, if it is accurate, will confirm the truth of our origins. (a week of creation and an earth roughly 6,000 years old.)

Amazing that the debate here is a dispute about that. That is the true Adventist position and basically the world disagrees. So what?

It seemed to me the original intent of this site was not so much about debating our origins but was about discussing whether or not one or more of our (SDA) educational institutions was teaching something contrary to the Adventist position? Yes? No?

Seems to me, that question has been well settled here. If you indeed believe that the earth is millions of years old and that we evolved from lower forms of life, you are in the majority. But you most certainly are not an SDA. (call yourself what you like.)

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Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
Bob Helm –

I don’t pretend to know just how it was before the flood. I have read what EGW wrote about it in various places and I believe her accounts of it were inspired.

for example.

Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
What a dialog!

About all I can say is “WOW”!

From all I read, the pre-flood world was a whole different form of eco-system. The vast oceans did not exist and even the polar regions were comfortably habitable.
I understand that fossil records found in far-north regions reveal a time when those areas supported even tropical plant life.

Interesting facts about Earth:

About 197 million square miles total surface.
About 71% water, 29% land.

Depending on one’s definition of “habitable”, only a small portion of the 29% is comfortably livable.

So what was the pre-flood earth like? According to the Genesis account, the “waters were divided”. (Gen 1: 6 & 7)

I have read theories of a water envelope surrounding the earth as well as an aquifer that produced water from beneath. (see Gen 2:6) Genesis 7:11 describes “the fountains of the deep” that were “broken up” and the huge volume of water that fell from the “windows of heaven”.

I believe that much greater percentages of the Earth were both covered by land and were habitable prior to the flood. This, along with the fact that the Earth was more fertile and supported much more vigorous growth, was the cause for the vast reserves of coal and oil that are found here today. A cataclysmic flood of the proportions described in scripture would also explain the depth (miles in some cases) that vegetative matter is found beneath the surface.

I don’t think that anyone can know what the Earth was like before the flood, except the small amount of information provided by scripture. Maybe the earth did not have a tilt and maybe God added the tilt at the flood? Or maybe the tilt was different. But that is speculation.

What I do know is that whatever happened to put the Earth in its current state will be reversed when He makes it “New” again. Those who have a personal relationship with their Creator / Saviour can claim the promise to be there in about a millenium when He puts the Earth back to what it was before sin entered.

And that, my brothers and sisters, is what being a Seventh-Day Adventist is all about. Just to be there!

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@gene fortner: I don’t think anyone really knows what powers were being exercised on 9/11. Clearly the airliners were involved.

It was an event that changed the world in ways that top-down powers would yearn for.

No point in speculation… I think Veith probably was mistaken to do that deep dive and it seems that he has quietly backed away from it.

The thing we must focus on is to “Turn your eyes upon Jesus….” Clearly, we are in “the last days”.

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@David Read: I find Veith’s “theorizing” regarding “conspiracies” to be spot on and on topic.

There is a great “conspiracy” – otherwise known as “The Great Controversy”. It is the ultimate reality of our rebellious little world today. AND it is the foundation of all of these other problems we deal with.


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Evidence that God is in control. LSU could become a beacon of light shining on the truth of our world an how we came to be here. That is as it should be.

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I believe we are involved in a Mount Carmel experience. As this world is hurling toward the great climactic “END”, we will see more and greater attacks against the truth by the great deceiver. The prophets of Baal will become bolder and more feverish. (Remember that the prophets of Baal on Mt Carmel were much from within the nation of Israel.)

What a day of reckoning it will be when “at such a time as we think not” that great cloud approaches this world. The signs today are loud and bold. Jesus is coming. Spread the word.