Sean, are you aware of this study?–1811.pdf “US COVID-19 Vaccines …

Comment on Review of “The Surge” with Dr. Lela Lewis and Friends by Inge Anderson.

Sean, are you aware of this study?–1811.pdf
“US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on Pivotal Clinical Trial Data Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint, “All Cause Severe Morbidity”
Classen Immunotherapies, Inc, 3637 Rockdale Road, Manchester,
J. Bart Classen, MD*

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Review of “The Surge” with Dr. Lela Lewis and Friends
Sean, after acquainting myself with the COVID 19 protocol including ivermectin, I took a closer look at the study you cite, and it seems that the dosage used was .3 mg/kg. The dosage used by physicians who actually use ivermectin in their protocol is .2 mg/kg for *prevention* but going up to .4mg/kg after exposure to the virus and going up to .4 to .6mg/kg for early outpatient treatment. The protocol does not rely on Ivermectin alone either. I’m sure that synergism plays a part in many treatment models.

See, (Prevention, early outpatient protocol) (More complete)

Review of “The Surge” with Dr. Lela Lewis and Friends
Ok. Thanks, Sean. I admit I didn’t actually read this one. The headline caught my eye, and I thought I’d ask if you were aware of it.
And thanks for the link to a list of predatory journals. That should be most useful in checking the potential reliability of “studies” of various sorts. (It looks like it will take a bit of digging to find the actual publishers.)
Re the link below, Dr Damania (Dr Zdogg) recommends vaccination. With that said, I find this type of video more convincing than most. Their discussion of the history of meds and their relative efficacy persuades me that the participants are capable of discerning between facts and fables: (Ivermectin & Aducanumab: Do They Work? w/Dr. Vinay Prasad)

Review of “The Surge” with Dr. Lela Lewis and Friends
Thanks, Sean. i know that the Egyptian study was fraudulent, but that doesn’t necessarily negate all other evidence. I just posted another link in a separate comment. It is current.

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Natural Immunity vs. Vaccines vs. the Delta Variant
I’m glad you reached the conclusion that the immune system God designed into our bodies gives better protection against infection than vaccines do.

However, you also wrote: “The additional advantage of vaccine-based immunity is that it seems to offer more consistent immunity compared to natural immunity (i.e., some who were infected don’t gain significant immunity following infection)”

But Sean, that’s exactly what happens with vaccines – “some who were infected [got the vaccine] don’t gain significant immunity following infection [the vaccine shots].” That’s why we have “breakthrough infections.”

Regarding what I believe about the COVID vaccine, further evidence has demonstrated my belief that natural immunity is significantly better than vaccine immunity to be true.

You’re referring to “conspiracy theories” being “scary.” By that criteria, the mainstream narrative is a conspiracy theory. H’mm … maybe so .. especially considering the suppression of information and the lack of open dialogue that is normally part of a scientific approach to problem-solving. The alternative views I have investigated are actually far more hopeful and less scary than the mainstream narrative which has kept much of the world fearful and engaged in irrational and hateful behavior (e.g. wearing a mask while alone in a car or walking alone outdoors and reporting persons for not wearing a mask alone on the beach or riding a bike alone outside) for the better part of two years. So the “scary” theory is not what I subscribe to. The alternative path is lined with stories of apparently miraculous recoveries, some of which have made their way into mainstream news because of the involvement of the court system.

I have actively searched for a death proven to be directly attributable to the drug that has a history of billions of doses taken. I have found one recent claim, but no proof. I have seen a lot of scary warnings and supposed “poisonings,” but no hard evidence of harm beyond headache, nausea and stomach upset from misuse of the drug. (I really would like to see more evidence on he subject.) That can’t even be said of aspirin. I’ve read that there may have been one death attributable to the drug by someone with a genetic mutation that made the drug dangerous to the person, but I couldn’t find it. If an alternative drug is safer than aspirin and there are thousands of claimed recoveries resulting from the drug, isn’t it worth a trial, no matter what the “studies” say, considering the alternative is often death after being on a ventilator?

But it’s okay. We each can choose a path that is consistent with the best evidence as we understand it. For that matter, it seems to me that vaccination is the best course for many but not for others. Most don’t bother to understand just what these COVID vaccines do, much less do a benefit-risk analysis. But some of us do, and some of us find that avoiding the COVID vaccine, boosting our immune system and preparing for a possible infection is the best path for us. (I suspect everyone will be exposed to this corona virus sooner or later, just as we have been to other corona viruses.) What concerns me most is the lack of respect among Christians for those with opposing views. While I don’t see vaccination as a salvation matter, an attitude of forcing others into agreement with our views is not an attitude born of the Spirit of God but of the enemy. I believe we can agree on that.

Natural Immunity vs. Vaccines vs. the Delta Variant
Sean, you’re not nearly as critical regarding the vaccine studies as you are regarding studies proving evolution, and that’s a shame. The Creator also created our immune system, and He did a better job than the creators of the vaccines did, and we should know that intuitively. But there are studies that demonstrate this.
In the meantime, the studies Roger mentioned are flawed in the narrowness of their focus on antibodies alone. They really don’t tell the story.

Your comments on the Massachusetts and UK data make sense up to the point. But the data does not confirm that vaccines offer a significant advantage, since the death rate of vaccinated and unvaccinated persons follow
a similar curve and would thus demonstrate that vaccinated and unvaccinated persons get infected and die from new variants at a similar rate. (Current vaccines seem to be most effective against the original or alpha version of the virus, and Roger analyzed studies that were done before the Delta version.) Something to also check out is how being “vaccinated” or “unvaccinated” is being determined. In many cases, persons are deemed “unvaccinated” until after 2 weeks after the single-dose vaccines or 2 weeks after the second shot of the two-dose vaccines. There’s no indication how they were counted in these analyses. It seems to me that it could make a significant difference in interpretation of the data.

You know, of course, that vaccinated folks have comparable viral loads to unvaccinated folks, when infected. So, no, vaccination does not seem to protect others.

I’m going to shamelessly plagiarize a Youtube comment to save time:
Tom S 1 month ago
Concerning the study in Nature, there caveats that one needs to take into account. 1) The natural immune response targets various portions of the viral structure/life cycle. As such, it is not exclusively focused towards the spike protein. 2) Natural antibodies may wane over time. This is well seen in those with prior hep B infections where antibodies drop below levels of “protection”, yet rebound robustly upon rechallenge. 3) The study focuses on the immune levels to spike proteins pre/post vaccination. Sure, the vaccine performs better because it’s target is entirely the spike protein. Those with natural infection show lower levels to start with, but again, that might relate to point #1. In sum, this study is valid related to how antibodies form after vaccine, but cannot really shed any light on whether such levels are relevant in previously infected individuals (point #2). Naturally infected individuals might still have excellent protection due to the complex nature of antibody formation in vivo.

Also see had a similar report when I bookmarked it Aug 27, but it now yields a 404 error. H’mm …
Their title was “Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine—but no infection parties, please”
Now, of course, you will say it was taken down because it was wrong. I have other thoughts.

Longitudinal analysis shows durable and broad immune memory after SARS-CoV-2 infection with persisting antibody responses and memory B and T cells:

On natural immunity vs vaccines in Israel:

Much more .. but it’s way past my bedtime.