Since you asked: Here is the link to the study …

Comment on Review of “The Surge” with Dr. Lela Lewis and Friends by CJ Baker.

Since you asked: Here is the link to the study showing which level of education is most vaccine hesitant. In regards to your “clearly bias” views and lack of need to address “political figures” last I checked the doctors I mentioned are non-elected bipartisan medical leaders. Just Jesuits. Analyzing their statements should be as politically safe as analyzing those who find scientific points that don’t totally align with them. It’s your blog, do as you wish, just wanted to know which “eye” you had shut.

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Review of “The Surge” with Dr. Lela Lewis and Friends
I agree that Adventist healthcare providers and all individuals in the field for that matter should be held to a higher standard. In my opinion that would also include using critical thinking to finding solutions and progress and not necessarily staying in a “group think” or status quo. Just because 98% of medical doctors have been fully vaccinated or almost there, doesn’t prove that they are doing the right thing. Both Biblically and Scientifically there are multiple examples of those doing the right thing, but being in the minority or even alone. Many of the breakthrough scientific discoveries have been from those looking for answers “outside the box” and being “free thinkers.” Yes, using scientific foundations, but using that to find better solutions. You said most MD’s have been vaccinated, yet there are polls that show that the most educated (PhD level) are also the largest group not being vaccinated. I too have seen and have multiple doctors around me who have seen those affected by COVID-19, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. But that is not the point of my question to you. You still dodged the second part of my question. I’ve yet to see you be a balanced critic (which was actually one of your critiques of Ritsema) and tell us what Dr. Fouci, Dr. Redfield, Dr. Murthy and others on that side are getting wrong.

Review of “The Surge” with Dr. Lela Lewis and Friends
Dr. Pitman, what foments your critical review of opinions of medical healthcare professionals on “The Surge,” Dr. McCullough, Dr. Stock, and others more than Dr. Fauci, Dr. Redfield, Dr. Murthy?