My heart sank as I read this report. …

Comment on Northern California Conference Votes to Act Independent of the General Conference by Allene in Oregon.

My heart sank as I read this report. My thought was “the church will appear to fall” and here we see it happening. We have conditions in the world where the Pope and others are calling for fundamentalists (which we have been) to be labeled as terrorists and for a Sunday law, while we fight over who gets top billing and wages in our churches.
We recently visited friends in a small town on the Oregon coast. She told me she was amazed that the church there asked her to be an elder Then she went on to say that her husband was a deacon but she was an elder. She seemed amused but it isn’t funny. The spirit that was shown to my husband and me was not what could be perceived as a sanctified one.
We are in a hot bed of confusion right now. Most women in our churches look & act so worldly. Most look more like men than women. When I was a teenager unisex dressing became a fad. May be that is why we think feminism in the church is ok. Let the women rule over the church. God said that would happen to His people as a result of their rebellion (Isa 3:12) This is Korah, Dathan and Abrim saying we can minister and lead. I heard the report of members of TOSCA and how shocked they were at the lack of Biblical support given by those in support of WO and how much was quoted from sources many of us would still consider questionable. Those who say there is plenty of Biblical support are purposefully overlooking the overwhelming preponderance of evidence in the Bible starting in Eden, where God had Adam name the animals and gave him the warning about Satan before Eve was even created. She was given the position as Adam’s helpmate not taken from his head to rule over him. Why do we refuse God’s order and think we will be loyal to the Sabbath? That doesn’t make sense.
We are told we would repeat the history of Israel and right on the borders of the promised land we sure are!