@Henry C Hills: There is NO Scriptural evidence for “WOMEN’S …

Comment on Northern California Conference Votes to Act Independent of the General Conference by Pastor Richard P Mendoza.

@Henry C Hills: There is NO Scriptural evidence for “WOMEN’S ORDINATION” NONE!

However, there is plenty of Scripture in support of MEN’S ORDINATION, throughout the entirety of the Bible, not one woman was ever called and ordained or appointed as an elder, pastor, priest, apostle over any church congregation. Not one. While there are multitudes of MEN called and ORDAINED Eldership and Pastoral MINISTRY “in EVERY church” and “in EVERY city” Acts 14:23 & Titus 1:4

This stark contrast is enough to show that it is NOT God’s will or plan for any woman to be an elder or pastor of any church congregation.

“SURELY the LORD God will DO NOTHING except He FIRST REVEALS HIS secrets (plans, will) to His servants the prophets” Amos 3:7

If WOMAN’S ORDINATION were God’s will then why was it the He NEVER revealed it to any of His prophets?

The testimony of the NEW JERUSALEM is that it’s 12 Gates of Pearl and it’s 12 FOUNDATION STONES are all made of the names of men taken from the all male leadership of the Old Testament Church & the New Testament Church.

What godly WOMEN would gripe about God’s “gender inequality” while walking through those gates and over the floor resting upon 12 male apostles.

BIBLICALLY? There are no women priests, apostles, elders, or pastors, ORDAINED or NOT, NONE in the Bible. . . There should be NONE in the Remnant Church of BIBLE Prophecy which is a REPLICA of the Apostolic Church which had not one female elder, pastor, or apostle. . . That’s the WILL of the Holy Spirit, placed each member in the Church Body “severely AS HE WILLS” with not one woman pastor or apostle! Not one. That’s the Biblical TRUTH.