I have not had the opportunity to read all comments …

Comment on LSU’s Board targets three of its members by Del Orser.

I have not had the opportunity to read all comments and understand all there is about this issue but I would like to make a couple of general comments as I see it. First we must understand that there are two main principles to find and understand truth. (1) We must live up to all the light we have in order to receive more light or truth. John 7:17. (2) The unconverted will not understand and know what is truth. 1 Cor 2:14, See also Life Sketches 431. And unless we have a love for the truth we will believe a lie. 2 Thes 2:9-11. Those who deny the literal seven-day week of creation basically deny the power of God. “holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these” 2 Tim 3:5. Clearly Psalm 33:6,9 state that God spoke our world into existence and Exodus 20:8-11 lets us know it was seven literal days. I have often wondered, why do philosophers want to give God more time to accomplish creation? apparently these men doubt the power of God’s Word in giving Him more time. If only they would realize that the very power they deny is the same power that could be theirs in experiencing a wonderful, personal conversion, giving them a life of joy, peace and freedom in Jesus. This same power also gives victory over every temptation. Why deny it? When it is the only way to freedom and happiness.

“Men who have not a daily experience in the things of God will not move wisely in dealing with sacred responsibilities; they will mistake light for error, and specious error they will pronounce light, mistaking phantoms for realities, and realities for phantoms, calling a world an atom, and an atom a world. They will fall into deceptions and delusions that Satan has prepared as concealed nets to entangle the feet of those who think they can walk in their human wisdom without the special grace of Christ. Jesus wants man to see not men as trees walking but all things clearly. There is only one remedy for the sinful soul, and unless it is received, men will accept one delusion after another until their senses are perverted.” –Manuscript 16, 1890. {Ev 593, 594}