Eddie: Rather than arguing online with liberals about church politics, …

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Eddie: Rather than arguing online with liberals about church politics, when and how creation occurred, and publicly exposing the sins of the brethren, I think pastors should instead spend their time studying the Bible, preparing sermons, attending to the needs of their families, ministering to their parishioners (e.g,. visiting the bereaved, sick and dying, organizing church events, giving Bible studies), etc.What good does it do to argue? Has any “liberal” become a “conservative” because of this website? Or vice versa?

Your philosophy is totally incorrect. A large part of a pastor’s job is to proclaim the Truth (along with those other things you mentioned) no matter who or what is exposed.

A good example of this was Pastor Doug Batchelor’s sermon today (4-28-2012) when he said (I’m paraphrasing, but almost all his sermons can be found online)that some churches (including some of our own SDA ones) teach and preach love, faith, etc. without mentioning, asking for, or even expecting any “repentance” from sin.

As you and most of us know, Pastor Doug is one of the most hated men by liberal/progressive SDA’s. Why? Because he preaches Biblical Truth, not just some man’s or woman’s philosophy, ideas, thoughts, or speculations.

So, “arguing” or stating the truth about something may be a BIG part of a pastor’s or even an ordinary churchmember’s job, despite what you think.

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La Sierra University Responds to anti-Creation Bond Issue

Holly, I don’t know if you had a chance to hear Kameron DeVasher speak or not (he was at the last GYC…. http://www.audioverse.com).

He’s another one of the young pastors that seems to be really on the mark in terms of Bible truth.Jeffrey Rosario, also…

Lots from Down Under, also.Paul Godfrey is excellent (www.markwoodman.org).

And of course, Dr. Sean Pitman.I really enjoyed his presentations from Audioverse.

I have seen Pastor Rosario on TV, but not the others you mention. I’ll keep my eye open for them. I didn’t mean to infer that my list was anywhere near complete either.

La Sierra University Responds to anti-Creation Bond Issue

Faith: I once saw a posting, I believe on this site, that called Pastor Doug an embarrassment to the church. Like, REALLY! Anyone who would say such a thing is more of an embarrassment to the church than Pastor Doug will ever be.Pastor Doug has had the courage to stand for Bible truth when very few of our ministers would. Since Net 99, I have enjoyed his site, his materials, and whatever sermons of his that I can get my hands on. He was the first SDA pastor I had heard in a long time that would preach the straight SDA truth without error mixed into it.I appreciate Pastor Doug and his Amazing Facts organization, and support it as much as I am able to.And, just for the record, Doug did come out and make his stand on the Creation issue public. I think it was a couple of years ago. Sean may remember what I am referring to. [edit – off topic]

You are correct. Many over on Spectrum have called Doug an “embarrassment” and other derogatory words. But, look at who the GC and other groups ask to preach our message around the world–Doug Batchelor.

At a recent Amazing Facts evangelism training seminar, Pastor Doug had Ted Wilson, Derek Morris, Mark Finley, Jerry Page, all GC executives, as guest speakers.

Pastor Doug HAS spoken out on Creation, “gay marriage” and other controversial topics. He preaches straight from the Bible, which, as you have said, we see very little of, even from SDA pastors.

Others who are also great are Stephen Bohr, John Lomecang, David Assherick, Lyle Albrecht, Walter Pearson, C.A. Murray, Kenneth Cox.

We also have some younger pastors coming up which I have seen and heard recently. So we do have some that are faithful to the Lord’s Word.

La Sierra University Responds to anti-Creation Bond Issue

Maybe he isn’t hated as much as you think. Just because somebody disagrees with one or a few of his positions doesn’t necessarily mean that the person “hates” him. I happen to disagree with his position on women’s ordination, but I still think he’s a fabulous preacher with a cogent message and I certainly agree with most of his beliefs. It’s unwise to reject a messenger just because there is one message or a few that you don’t like.

Well, the word “hated” was used, and this pastor has worked with Pastor Doug for many years. The Spectrum attack on Doug was very intense, as you probably know.

Please review some of the comments about him on Spectrum and AT. He was pictorially accused of making Ellen White “sit in the back of the bus” which is using the “race card” in a most unusual way.

He has also been accused of being “educationally challenged” because of his lack of formal education. There are many other examples, which you and others may check out over on Spectrum, AT, and other places.

The only persons receiving similar hateful comments recently have been President Wilson and the Michigan Conference President, as you can see for yourself also.

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