To David Read, Your anti-SDA leadership rants are becoming tedious. You …

Comment on La Sierra University gets 3-year AAA Accreditation by Beatrice.

To David Read,

Your anti-SDA leadership rants are becoming tedious. You write here and at Advindicate as if you possess intimate knowledge and facts about La Sierra University, Dr. Wisbey and other employees, but you can’t be bothered to confirm these facts for yourself particularly when they do not support your extremist position.

For starters you continue to describe Lee Grismer as the department chair of biology. He was replaced a long time ago by John Perumal who is an ardent creationist. How could you not be aware of this unless you are too lazy to become informed about real truth regarding change on the campus? The AAA made their decision based on the changes they apparently saw and you clearly don’t have a clue about any real changes that have taken place.

Unlike the AAA you have not visited the campus and spoken in person with administrators or the biology staff.

Unlike the AAA you have not interviewed other faculty or students the vast majority of whom, by the way, have no exposure to the upper-division biology courses which you insist continue to teach atheistic origins without the slightest documentation to back up your claim. You have not sat in a single classroom lecture anywhere on campus so you have no first-hand knowledge of what is taught in biology or elsewhere on campus.

Unlike the AAA you have not observed in person the spiritual atmosphere of the campus. You simply do not know how supportive or unsupportive it is of SDA doctrines and lifestyle.

In contrast to the AAA which takes the doctrine of church unity seriously and wants to see LSU provide an SDA atmosphere, you have a clearly stated desire to bury the university and cut it off from the church. Your position could not be more impartial or compromised.

With having minimal facts about what the AAA team has learned you and others have chosen to attack and besmirch Dr. Lisa Beardsley-Hardy and hold her up to public ridicule. You have not spoken with her personally to learn of her reasoning and, of course this was not her decision alone to make. You have not taken the approach Jesus advocated and you know it.

Sadly, you have an audience that loves to hear about every misdeed in church leadership. As Ellen White warned long ago such gossip incites the passion of people and leads them down the wrong road. You are not doing God’s work when you seek to destroy member confidence in the church. The church must operate on law and order and you are challenging that in the most public and visible and effective way possible. You are undermining the very foundation of the organized church when you denounce its leaders. I encourage you to reconsider your approach to this situation.

Beatrice Abercrombie, LSU alumnus