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@Professor Kent:
There really is no debate in the rest of the scientific world outside of adventism. It ended in 1869 at Cambridge university when Huxley presented the theory to the scientific establishment.
Adventists are stuck between obstruction and irrelivance on this topic.

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PUC responds
@ George. First let me say that as you read through the comments and statements here you are reading the statements of individuals, not God. Sadly there is hate and politics anywhere people are involved and that doesn’t exclude the church. There will always be individuals who claim one thing and live another. It is sad but as you read through the issues on this site you are looking at some of the worst aspects of our church. Whenever someone becomes so convinced that they alone, or their group alone has the only truth they many times become very un-Christ-like in the way they treat those who they see as being wrong. This not how Christ would act, but He was perfect and people are not. Any time someone is using hate in their actions or words, regardless of which side of an argument they stand, they are not acting as Jesus would act and do not represent God. Please don’t let imperfect people influence your budding relationship with God. Read the Bible for yourself and learn who Jesus is in its pages. Let Him be your example, not those who make up the church. We all have our imperfections and we all make mistakes. Like you I am a current student and if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to look me up.

Lyndy Saulsbury