Be still, and know that I am God!! When …

Comment on Gary Gilbert, Spectrum, and Pseudogenes by Penelope Bidwell.

Be still, and know that I am God!! When we talk to Jesus every day, when we get to know Him on a personal basis, really get to know Him, when He becomes our very best Friend, it is very, very hard to understand how another human being could not see and accept the 6 day literal Creation fully and completely. When we see how scripture has been proven through the finds in archeology, through the events in history that years before had been predicted, I have to ask myself, “Why all this chatter?” But then I have to remind myself that not everyone has that kind of relationship with our Lord. For those of you who do, I am richly blessed by your words and comments. for those of you who do not know Christ, I feel a very deep sorrow. Pseudogenes were created for a very specific reason. And some day, we will all understand the whole plan of DNA. What a wonderful God we serve!!!!!

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Changing the Wording of Adventist Fundamental Belief #6 on Creation
The literal six day creation week is the basis of the whole Bible. If you kick that out, you might as well abolish the entire Bible!

How can you read the prophecies of Daniel and study the accuracy of those prophecies and not believe in a literal six day creation?! What about the prophecies of Isaiah? It makes me think that some of our leaders are walking with God’s light behind them instead of in front of them. They choose their own paths to follow, form their own thoughts, cling to the world instead of the Word and then try to feed it to our children whom we have entrusted to them for a Christian Education.

God will surly sort out the tares from the wheat.

Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
Our son is a graduate of Southern. It makes us so proud to read of the “Origins Exhibit.” Southern Adventist University has done an exemplary job of educating our youth in a sound Christian based academic atmosphere. How thankful we are to be reading such positive, uplifting news from Southern! How sad that other SDA Christian colleges don’t follow suite!

What does it take to be a true Seventh-day Adventist?
Sean, this is a wonderful article! It makes my heart cry when I think of how diluted and watered down the Seventh-day Adventist truths have become to so many in our precious church. And I agree with you 100 percent that those members who do not fully embrace our fundamental beliefs should seek their religion elsewhere. So many of our members belittle the meaning of God’s Word or try to reinterpret the meanings to suit their own agenda. Please God, give us strength in these last days to cling to Your every Word and to take it litterally. Keep us faithful, holy and pure.