I will allow others to be guinea pigs with DNA …

Comment on Dr. Walter Veith and the anti-vaccine arguments of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche by Leo Hamulczyk.

I will allow others to be guinea pigs with DNA or mRNA vaccines, and will await the approval of Novavax, an older technology protein subunit vaccine before I agree to be vaccinated. There are questions and I don’t want them answered on my body.

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There’s only one thing to say about this open mind business: “The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.” G K Chesterton

When you find the truth,you stop searching for it. Then you start digging deep in the truth to find out more truth.

“Don’t go backwards to interpret Genesis as allegorical or symbolic”

Whatever the issue the site is set up for, there are clearly a large number of people here who are rejoicing at signs that the church will become more like them and more the way they like it, and also rejoicing that those unlike them will be cast out. Tell me I’m mistaken about that…

Bravus, I’m sure you’ll understand, being an Australian, this illustration using Australian politics. What would the Labor party do if there were a bunch of Liberals in the party trying to work their own agenda? Do you think the Labor party would rejoice if Tony Abbott applied to become a member? Would they welcome him, hoping that he would eventually accept the Labor agenda and “convert” over? Or would they rather weed them out because their real agenda is to undermine the party?

A church is not a political party, but the principle in this case is similar. Nobody forces anyone to join a political party, and nobody joins unless they agree with the fundamental beliefs of the party. Nobody is forced to join the Adventist church, but if someone does join, we expect them to uphold our beliefs, not work to try to undermine them. And, as has been mentioned by others, the SDA church has believed in a literal, 6-day creation for a very long time, since its inception pretty much.

Everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe. But are you entitled to be publicly seen to be an Adventist if you don’t believe the fundamental Adventist doctrines? If Tony Abbott came out and said “I’m a Labor true believer”, would you believe him? Or do his actions and words give him away?

If you don’t agree with the SDA church, why hang around? You’re not saved by being there. And, we don’t really want you being a stumbling block to those who do want to be there. You’re welcome to try to influence them if you want, but in your own time and place, NOT IN THE CHURCH.