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Comment on Two Adventist Universities Promote Six-Day Creation by PUC Student.

@Sean Pitman:

I could give you copies of syllabi, class recordings and slide print outs that were handed out, but that would be unethical since it is not my own work.

I could not honestly tell you that every professor at PUC is “fully supportive” of the “Adventist perspective on origins” since I have not taken classes from every science professor at my school.

What I can tell you is that in EVERY class I have taken at PUC, my professors have done nothing but affirm my faith, including my belief in creation week in the recent (if you call thousands of years that…) past.

I would note that one of Adventism’s most prolific defenders of a literal creation week, Earl Aagaard, only recently retired from PUC. During his tenure, he was intimately involved in hiring decisions at the biology department. I think his influence is still felt to a large extent through the hiring decisions that he took part in.

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Two Adventist Universities Promote Six-Day Creation

Sure, but if growth is how you measure success, you should know that among Adventist universities, Washington Adventist University had the most growth, La Sierra second and PUC third going into this school year. Our Campus Chronicle at PUC also reported that our enrollment increased between Fall and Winter quarter.

This isn’t to bash Southern or SWAU. I support all of our Adventist universities including Southern, SWAU, WAU, La Sierra, PUC and the others.

Two Adventist Universities Promote Six-Day Creation

Did you tour Adventist colleges and give their professors the same opportunity to explain their approach to the issue as you did with Biola and CalBaptist?

Two Adventist Universities Promote Six-Day Creation
How much were you paid by the marketing offices of Southern and Southwest to write this? To say that they are the only schools which teach the Adventist position on origins is preposterous.

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Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit

You should try educating yourself before making illegitimate comparisons. If you would compare the rankings of SAU and LSU, you would realize that SAU is ranked in the Regional Colleges (South) category while LSU is ranked under Regional Universities (West).

In other words, LSU is categorized above SAU in a more competitive region.

A better comparison of the two rankings is to wonder why U.S. News does not consider SAU to be a University.

To add another point of comparison for you, PUC and Andrews are not ranked in a regional categories. PUC is categorized as a National Liberal Arts College (it was consistently ranked top ten as a regional college) while Andrews is categorized as a National University. Neither of them are ranked either.

To summarize, learn about the ranking systems before making such faulty comparisons.

Michigan Conference vs. LSU – Right Wing Politics or Truth in Advertising?

You mean 1/3 of the conference constituency? If it takes 2/3 to overturn, then it only takes 1/3+1 to keep it from being overturned.

Its too bad that a radical fringe is running the Church up there.

Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case
@Holly Pham:

So what would you suggest, Holly, to “proactively address the problem” in a redemptive way?

Frankly, PUC comes down much harder than most schools on substance abuse. It’s not even a big problem as you assume at PUC. I would estimate the percentage of the student that uses illicit drugs during the school year to be less than 5% at the absolute maximum.

Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case
@Holly Pham:

Actually, the usual sanction for substance abuse at PUC on first offense includes a suspension (as you say) which will reflect negatively on your grade, a record on your PUC citizenship record which will be a factor should you get called before the committee for any reason at a future date, and generally required, binding, counseling for substance abuse.

I believe the fact that we have a counseling center on campus shows that our administration does take substance abuse seriously and is proactively working to provide resources to individuals who are caught up in unfortunate habits.