@Hank: Hank, Our work is to imitate Jesus Christ. …

Comment on Common Arguments Against a 7-Day Creation Week by William Abbott.

@Hank: Hank,

Our work is to imitate Jesus Christ. How can we do that if we read Scripture differently than He did? How can we imitate Christ if Scripture doesn’t have the same authority for us that it did for him. Endless arguments? About what Jesus believed? Read carefully, the deep time people don’t care what Jesus believed. Read this thread or any other and look at how difficult it is to engage them in a discussion about what Jesus believed.

Jack Hoehn’s April 30 comment is exhibit “A”. He condemns those who “know what Jesus thought” and then precedes to prove he himself doesn’t care what Jesus believed or thought about scripture. Jack Hoehn knows the truth about earth’s long, evolutionary, deep-time, past. He is an evangelist for this ‘truth’. He writing shows he is not very interested in Jesus of Nazareth who said, “I am the way the truth and the life.”

I wish I could engage Jack Hoehn in an argument about what Jesus Christ believed.

William Abbott Also Commented

Common Arguments Against a 7-Day Creation Week

A great deal of work went into this response to Dr. Hoehn’s articles. You have even impressed Dr. Hoehn which is no easy task.

I’d like to add that Jesus Christ related the Genesis creation account as literal and true as well as Noah, the flood and the entire body of scripture. Jesus’ teachings on divorce, remarriage, and adultery are more dependent on the Genesis account than they are the law of Moses.

Dr. Hoehn excuses Mrs. White with a plea to her ignorance about germ theory, etc. Can he make such excuses for Emmanuel (God with Us)? If Jesus Christ was ignorant and less wise and unable to know all that we know today, what sort of a Messiah is Jesus of Nazareth? Nothing could be clearer. Jesus Christ knew, believed and depended on the Scripture to understand Himself. If our Savior had that kind of faith in the Bible, how can we be His disciples and teach something contrary to what He taught?