Jack Hoehn: You wrap yourselves in a cloak of “the Bible …

Comment on Common Arguments Against a 7-Day Creation Week by Hank.

Jack Hoehn: You wrap yourselves in a cloak of “the Bible says” and you are sure you know “what Jesus thought” about the age of the earth.

I don’t think that Jesus thought or really cared about the age of the earth. I think he cared much more about how his devotees got along with each other. On the whole, these endless arguments are much about little. They do essentially nothing to bring us closer to Jesus, to do the work He has asked of us, and to prepare us for eternal life.

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Dinosaur Nests and Tracks – During a World-Wide Flood?
@Sean Pitman:
Mr. Pittman,

I think Victor has a legitimate point about the currents. Chadwick’s maps are here for all to see: http://geology.swau.edu/paleocurrents_1.html. If the arrows are pointed all in one direction, perhaps you could kingly tell us whether you see them all pointing east, west, north, or south. Are there trends? Maybe. Is there a single direction? Kindly tell us what that direction is.

Victor also has a point about the tsunamis. Waves don’t move in a straight line on a sphere. There will move in all directions in concentric rings (see, for example, http://tinyurl.com/hoxl5oo and http://tinyurl.com/hytyq9w) unless blocked or deflected by a land mass. If, as the waves spread, they are going to encircle the globe, they will then eventually collide with each other and create much more complex waveforms. They simply can’t go round and round unimpeded as you have imagined.