Denying the literal 6 day creation process is a back-handed …

Comment on Changing the Wording of Adventist Fundamental Belief #6 on Creation by O Nelson.

Denying the literal 6 day creation process is a back-handed way of challenging God’s omnipotence. We either beleive God has unlimited power to create and accelerate life at a pace beyond or scope to measure..or we don’t. If we can’t (or won’t) believe in the 6 day creation how can we beleive in an equally swift resurrection and transforming of the saved?

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A big reason why so many people are leaving the church
Many of the posts have dealt with defending various positions, some supported by statistics. The sociobiology debate has been vigorous(to be kind). Yet, we seemed to have overlooked asking “how do we get those who’ve left the church to come back?” In my opinion the church is competing with an overwhelming abundance of non Adventist options that just doesn’t make the church desirable and that is very sad. In addition,the worship format,type of music, the dress code, the diet commitment,the racial divide in the form of(some)conferences as to who will have leadership opportunities are also some inputs that are disheartening many. I wish I was smart enough to offer a viable solution. As for the theme of debate on this post I humbly ask that if you have not already had the oportunity,when you have the chance pick-up Samuel Koranteng-Pipim’s “Here We Stand.” It may provide additonal insight on the pros and cons of creationalism vs evolutionism. GOD’s blessings to all.

Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs
I’m puzzled as to what the real conflict is. The 28 Fundamental Beliefs(FB) are all scripture supported and based, therefore there is no deviation from the bible. Like the 10 commandments when one willingly and lovingly makes personal change they cease to be rules or laws; they become standards we strive to maintain as we move in a Christ-like direction. It is impossible to have a global organization or movement and not have a standard. Many of the 28 FB are overtly accepted by other Christian denominations. I ask for anyone who does not agree with the beliefs to point out any that aren’t scriptually based. To bring it home anyone who’s ever worked for a company has had to adhere to company guidelines. Those that intend to be good employees have no problem, those that don’t…..I suspect FB#22 is the one that generates the debate.