Great post Kevin! You are absolutely right; all of our …

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Great post Kevin! You are absolutely right; all of our reasons should be based on God’s Truth, not just on our personal opinion.

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Back to Square One…
Far be it from us to fall asleep at the helm and let some of them steal SDA tithe and tuition dollars to be used in their efforts to undermine the SDA Christ,Bob

You are so correct, Bob. Three of the worst examples are Jared Wright (SECC), Ryan Bell (Hollywood SDA Church), and Alexander Carpenter. How these guys ever got the positions they have while getting paid by our SDA Church is a total embarrassment, and reveals a complete lack of any responsibility by our Pacific Union Conference “head in the sand” leadership.

Back to Square One…

Mark Dix: I recently viewed a YOUTUBE video of Dr. Walter Veith at La Sierra….THis man is an intellectual giant who supports creation with all his being. Can someone tell me why the auditorium was 95% empty? Was his visit there discouraged? If so, by whom….Thank You

LIberal SDA institutions like La Sierra hate men like Dr. Veith. Check Spectrum’s recent article vilifying Dr. Veith, as they have done to others such as Doug Batchelor, Ted Wilson, etc.

As a heretical and apostate institution, La Sierra would not like to hear what Dr. Veith has to say. I’m shocked he was even ALLOWED to speak at La Sierra.

Back to Square One…
Woops, I did mean Elaine Nelson, not Elaine Johnson. If there is an “Elaine Johnson” I apologize for the error!

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Thanks Sean for telling us the “rest of the story!” Very interesting!

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What exactly does “more inclusive” mean? The Northern California Conference uses this term in their literature, without explaining what it really means.

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@David Read, Can ET or Advindicate get an interview with somebody who actually knows, first hand, what went on with this AAA accreditation? What “deals” were made and by whom, why, and with what “strings” attached?

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@Sean Pitman, I agree with the lack of transparency at LLU and virtually anywhere in our SDA system. The hiding behind closed doors is rampant, not only at LLU, but on the Conference level, Union, and even the GC. Try to ask anybody a really specific question. All you get is either nothing or another set of vague responses. Try it some time, and you will see what I mean.

LSU Removes Dr. Lee Grismer as Chairman of the Biology Department
Any insiders know WHY this happened? Was it part of a “deal” with AAA for accreditation?