@wesley kime: How can anyone tell for certain whether it …

Comment on Nobel Prize Winner “Blinded by Belief”: Retracts 2016 Paper on RNA Self-Replication by David James.

@wesley kime: How can anyone tell for certain whether it was “honesty” or “necessary acknowledgement”, since he knew it was inevitable that another scientist would show him his error? When you’re on top like he is, it’s hard to come down, ESPECIALLY when it might come at the hand of someone that is not connected with the original experiment & “findings”, and is looking to make his own reputation.

It would seem to almost be a kind of purposeful refusal, initially, to properly test & retest, before putting out his findings. Unfortunately, premature submission by someone of this caliber, seems to indicate that a non-science agenda got in the way of proper follow through, when such was well known to be expedient.

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